3 Keys to Online Business Success

How  you CAN Achieve Online Business Success

People bring their business online or they look to start a business online but too often they don’t see the Business Success they want.  Often it is because they complicate it too much and don’t get me wrong there is definite work involved and you do have to do that work and do it well, just like setting up a business anywhere but it doesn’t have to be SOOO complicated.

In fact there are really only 3 things you need to be mindful of while creating that online business success that you want. I created a little video just to show you how easy it can be.

Focus on the 3 Keys to Online Business Success

1 Key to Success Online1. Find a Starving Market 

What I mean by a starving market is that market must indeed be “really” needy.  By and large people come to the internet for information, and that is why Content is so important when you are working online.  But if your market is not REALLY needy they ‘ll be satisfied with information.

However if your market has a huge problem and an insatiable need then they’ll pay you for the information and keep paying you, over and over and over again.

Consider new parents as a possible market.  New parents or about to be new parents are in need of a lot of stuff, cribs, strollers, baby bottles, diapers, bedding, clothing and those little tykes grow so quickly, things like shoes, clothes and diapers are essentials in various sizes.  I haven’t even scratched the service but I’m sure you can see why that is a starving market.  Baby is on the way, or here, and now the buying begins.

They also have an insatiable need for information products, how to do all sorts of things become essential as new parents so want their child to grow up healthy and ready for whatever life throws their way.

So they come to the internet often for information but they’ll also buy items and keep buying over and over and over.

This is a wonderful niche, but there are lots more.  Find one!


1 Key to Success Online  2. Offer them various ways to Solve their Problem or Satisfy Their Need

Well you can easily see with the New parent niche how many things they need to satisfy their burning need to feed, clothe  and care for their new baby and help that baby grow into a healthy child.

But let’s look at information products.  People are coming online in huge number either to create a business for themselves, or often to make them better employees and allow them to advance in their current jobs.  E-learning has become a big market and this is an insatiable need.

As an example maybe someone is in the marketing area of their business and they have an entry level job.  They see how many delays there are waiting for the graphic designer to do just some basic edits to an image.  They decide to see if there is some way online that they could learn to make those basic changes so that the process gets speeded up.  Presto they find a little video that shows them how to make simple changes to images, and the boss is thrilled.

Now that gets them thinking about their career, and how much more money a graphic designer makes then they do. Now they’re looking for information on becoming a graphic designer.

Suddenly you have an insatiable need for more information and training and they will likely happily pay for good training as it will lead to more income. A good course might even be something their employer would pay for making it a true no-brainer.

Now you can offer all sorts of photoshop courses on all sorts of different graphic projects from creating great images for the website and for marketing material both on and offline, to logos for their new projects and on and on and on.

A very hungry market with an insatiable need and lots of things you can offer to that market, most information type products which can easily be digitally delivered, so instant delivery and instant satisfaction.

1 Key to Success Online 3. Massive Traffic for your Digital Assets

Whether your online empire is offering physical products or digital products or both, you have to get found by that hungry crowd.  The Secret here is finding that Targeted traffic that wants exactly what you are offering.

Again this is pretty easily achieved but people want to make it too difficult.

How to Easily Attract Massive Targeted Traffic

I used this headline for a very particular purpose.  When I entered it into Google without quotes around it, just like it is now I found 9,500,000 competitors.  So clearly there are a lot of people offering products and services to people using some of those words…  “Targeted Traffic”  on its own attracts 510,000 results.

Check it out for yourself just copy and paste that heading into google search and see how many searches there are and then put quotation marks around it  and see I found 0 that’s right Zero, competition for that exact keyword. I know it is several words but it is still called a keyword and in fact called a long tail keyword because it has so many words in it.

I did an exact mach , that is, I put it in quotes when I searched “targeted market” so I know that exact keyword has half a million competing sites. And the big secret is that competition for a keyword means lots of traffic.

The secret to massive amounts of targeted traffic?  Use this little secret to find  a number of long tail keywords that include the keywords you want to attract. and add several of them to an article.  You’ll suddenly find your article is ranking extremely highly not only for those long tail keywords but also for much shorter and more high competition keywords.

Now this is far from the complete story on how to use that secret to massive amounts of targeted traffic, and in fact I am putting together a complete guide to Massive Amounts of Targeted FREE Traffic but it is not ready yet.  In the mean time check out this article for more information.